Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking a step back brings new insights

I've taken a bit of a break from the campaign development process and only recently come back to it. The other GM in my group seems content to let his campaign take primary position so that is fine with me since I've been so busy working and teaching.

This week, I had a few minutes to breathe and opened my documents again including some of the feedback that I received from a former GM. Interestingly a few new insights came to me right away.

-The former GM recommended the addition of a body oriented psionic class which I think has really rounded out the classes of psionic activity.
-The former GM recommended reducing the number of skills significantly. I checked out several different sci-fi RPG skills lists and eventually modeled my new list most closely after the one for Star Trek. I went from 85 skills to 31! A definite improvement and much closer to both the spirit of FUDGE and to my reasons for selecting it in the first place.
-I'm seriously toying with the idea of eliminating the skill rating system that I stole from GURPS (easy, average, hard). I like the verisimilitude it provides but dislike the added complication and would like to streamline things a little more.
-I also opened the mission ideas document that I created awhile back. The last time I wrote in it I felt like I had squeezed every idea that I could from my brain. Now, with some time away from it, I not only had more ideas, I was also able better thread my ideas into several continuous story lines. Meaning I have several ways of arranging the same basic mission ideas into different story arcs depending on what interests my players.

My current task is to come up with a short test run adventure and to finalize the character sheet. I'll also generate several PCs and try to break the system as much as possible.